Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wild Cats Crossing

After the last night's haunting experience, I check out Saturday, grab some grub and head to the Grand Canyon around 8:30 a.m. on October 23. There's a thick layer of fog everywhere which has never really translated into spooky for me...more just mystical and beautiful. But the wild mountain cat crossing sign alerts me to the idea that just maybe I might want to be a bit more careful of what's out there..."Cougars and aliens and ghosts, oh my!"

I went to the closest south entrance first only to find that you have to park and wait for the tour buses in the freezing cold rain and wind. Not for me. I head east on 64 to see what vistas I can find on the way back to the Desert View east entrance.

And now that I recall, some ladies back in Sedona did advise me to keep to the right as it seems to be less touristy. So to the right we go! Honey Bunny is keeping me company and navigating our spontaneous stops.

This is one of the first stops along the's pretty much unmarked. It's some kind of side of the road pull-over. It may be what they call Yaki Paoint or South Kaibab Trailhead. Basically if I saw a place to pull over or a pick nick area, I got out of the car with camera in hand.

Ah, beautiousness! The misty fog blankets the giant gorge with a powder-sugared coating, making the Grand Canyon seem like a great layered cake.

The thick hazy atmosphere added a mysterious, peaceful tone to the landscape...

...and made for wonderful value studies, adding depth and perspective dramatically to its subject.

Gorgeous gorges

Next stop? who knows where the road will take me? But I'm keeping a lookout for cougars!

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