Thursday, October 21, 2010

Healing in Progress

Sometimes we may find ourselves lost or confused or hurting...aimlessly going throughout our life without much purpose or direction. I was feeling very much like this on Tuesday...driving around, not knowing what road I was on or even what city I was going towards...and crying a lot, feeling an overwhelming sense of sorrow. I pulled over to take in the scenic view at a rest stop. On the way to the facilities, I saw this sign above. "Healing in Progress. Please stay on the trail." See the heart shaped rock next to it? God sure is direct, but gentle...He didn't say, "Hey silly girl, what's up with you? and where to you think you're going, anyway?" He just gently reminded me that all is well and to keep on His path...that spiritual journey of knowing myself in Her image, as Her beloved of Love. God doesn't need directions...He's with us everywhere we us the signs, love, supply, creativity and encouragement we need all along the way.

Meanwhile I found out that I'd driven all the way to Flagstaff! But I don't think it was by accident or without a purpose, do you?

So the lesson for me was that being lost or without a purpose, or feeling unloved or uncreative, or feeling lack of any always the illusion. God has created each of our hearts with a unique purpose. Think of it. Your heart has a purpose. What is it?

I decided my heart's purpose is to create healing art...that's a huge leap of faith for me, but I'm going with that for now. I have no idea where that will take me...I'll just keep looking for the signs! And I found a few more that day...

Heaven on Earth

Red Rain

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