Sunday, October 17, 2010

Local color and cuisine

Grabbing a lil' of the local color for the evening...

Slap happy tired and drunk with vivid sunset colors swirling in my head, I decided to take in some of the local cuisine and went to dinner at Dahl and DiLuca, a pricey but divine Italian restaurant. OK, I thought, I may as well do it up big since I'm out with the big spenders! So I spoiled myself to an amazingly gourmet, romantic dinner. You should have seen the chandeliers in this! There was nice soft live music serenading us in the background. Incredible posh, rich atmosphere...gorgeous outdoor patio...I'm such a great date!

I had a to-die-for caesar salad with white anchovies...yum!...rolls with a chopped garlic/basil oil for dipping... shrimp/crab stuffed sole in with a lobster bisque sauce on top...and of course one of those chocolate cake tarts a la mode...I thought of you, Mom!

I ate in the bar at a tall table facing the whole length of the restaurant, so I got to see it all and talk to everyone who went in or out...including all the waiters. And, I met the nicest New York couple next to my table. We talked about them visiting Duelling Divas on their next trip to Florida and calling on me for a visit when they are in Austin this February. Give me a call, Howard and Paula, and we'll have dinner at the Driskell!

After I paid the bill, I figured I'd better head over to the local Safeway for a little grocery shopping so I can save up for the next splurge. Somehow I got back to my room eventually and rolled myself happily into bed.

Helloooooo Sedona! It's SO nice to meet ya!

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