Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Skies and Open Road

My Calling: Big skies and open's what takes me where I'm going.

Friday I should be heading back to Texas, but I decide to take a detour to the Grand Canyon instead...but only after I take a detour of the Sunset Crater area off 89.

So, I take I-89 north up to Flagstaff...where I'd accidentally found myself last Tuesday, remember? (Side note: I'd gone through the Arby's drive through Tuesday, and when the guy asked if there was anything else...I said, "Yes, could you tell me what city I'm in?" He said incredulously, "What?" I repeated, "Where am I, dude?" "You're in Flagstaff!" he replied. OK great, I I know how to get to Flagstaff!)

Anyway, I'm on 89 north of Flagstaff now, and these are photos from the National Park inside the Sunset Crater. I didn't stop to see the Indian ruins...I was more fascinated with the colors of the light and patterns on the sky and ground.

Big views and the freedom to take detours...some call this getting lost, I call it exploring! You can always check with your Arby's drive through guy...isn't that why they're called the "Drive Through?"

How is the sky so intensely turquoise!?

Lovin livin...feeling so alive!

Yummy colors of blue and gold.

The Zanne Van is huggin' the curves of the road...feeling it!

Zoom, zoom, HONEY!

Kate Bush is singing about that Big Sky!

Amber waves of grain...

It's c-cold out here! Burr!

Z, z, z....z!

The Eye of God? He's busy painting with some crazy water colors today!

The sky blankets you in designs of love, laughter and pure joy.

Swoosh, the drama of the clouds tease me out of the car for yet another photo opp!

The best part of the open road is where you finally take down your mental fences!

Sky is the color of joy.

Beautiful country known for its "painted desert". Check out the lime green, purple and pink in the's really like that!

Feeling the hills and the plains clap their hands for joy!

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