Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jessie Chantelle's Chocolate. Taste Good. It's An Everyone's Best Friend.

 This is not a wedding gift as some of my friends thought it was. :). 

It is a Jessie Chantelle's gift hamper which comprising a miniature perfume, Vietnamese style coat diary and several Jessie Chantelle's chocolate on a very exclusive and fashionable Vietnamese red gift plate.

A good collaboration between, there are so many chocolates produced in so many shapes and sizes, and guess what?, the chocolates are also customize in packages that coincides with many celebrations and festivals in our country!. Already ate some of the choc and these are what left!.I really wish to try the big ball chocolate but I just hate to open a very cute and looking nice chocolate!..hhmmm, wish to leave it there as it is forever.

 These are just some of the real Jessie Chantelle's chocolates, wrapped in golden foil paper. I love the taste of the gold bar chocolate. It is easy in your mouth, melting just nicely in there and makes you want to eat more and more!.

So if you love to try something new, something refreshing and it would make you feel good and happy, why not putting Jessie Chantelle's Chocolate in your list of CNY gift items?. After all, how many of us get to taste a high quality chocolate products which are produced by a celebrity like Chantelle-Miss International Malaysia 2010?!.

Again, So now you are asking me where to get this premium celebrity chocolate?. Just call 016-2206733 to get more info about this very exciting taste good chocolate!.

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