Sunday, January 16, 2011


OLD - Miss Universe committee Pinheiro claims that do not meet the established age requirimientos

Miss Bolivia, Olivia Pinheiro, who should represent Bolivia in Miss Universe 2011 contest in September, has been disqualified for not meeting the parameters of age of international competition.

The rules established by Miss Universe candidates state that:

Must have completed at least 18 to May 1 of the year contest

O below 27 years (ie 26) to May 1 of the year contest

Pinheiro turned 27 last October, and the realization of the contest would be just one month of reaching age 28.

Disputes occurred on his election as Miss Bolivia because of their age, an issue that was reviewed by the media and tested by others, that the date of birth of Olivia Pinheiro was the October 29, 1983.

Miss Universe claims that they are very strict when it comes to strengthening these rules, since an exception may cause 80 other countries do not respect them.

Although there has been no official statement Promociones Gloria (who alleged that Miss Universe girls accepted up to 28 years, but is not the case), some mention that studies the possibility that the new Miss Bolivia 2011, which will elected in July, will travel immediately to represent the country in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on September 12.

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