Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss Bolivia overcome the criticism and rumors about her age.

For many followers of the department of beauty contest, the recent Miss Santa Cruz was one of the most entertaining and the quality of his nominees, very exciting.The final, held in the hall of FEXPOCRUZ SirionĂ³, although it was close and made sure Olivia Pinheiro would be the main winner, the title of Miss Santa Cruz, Miss Bicentennial and Miss Litoral could have ended in the hands of either remaining 15 girls.

Olivia Pinheiro for his win was not easy. Throughout the time that the event took place, the psychologist had to deal with those who accused them of cheating on his age. As indicated, Olivia was 24, but 27, ie outside the rules of the competition. However, Gloria Promotions arguing that defended Miss Universe contest in which supports their rules, delegates get up to 28 years.

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