Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Winner's Theories.

Why Deborah could be the winner?

  • Most of her hardcore fans here in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines want her to win so badly.
  • She's the most beautiful queen ever came out from Malaysia.
  • The fact that her fellow competitors, Ada Aime and Miss Jamaica World had placed as 1st runner ups in Miss Universe 2009 and 2010, people have been making prediction she could be at least the 1st runner up again if not winning the crown.
  • The original date for Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 selection was in Feb. But since deborah will be in France in February, hence the ceremony will be done tomorrow Jan 27. Make sense? theory yo!.
  • She is after all, a worthy winner of Miss Universe!. simple!.
Why Thanuja Could be the winner?
  • She simply has all the qualities the international queens should have. (tall-smart-amazing body shape-sweet smile-friendly-easy to work with-and of course she is beautiful!)
  • She seems keeping quiet and zipping her mouth completely at these very interesting times, even though many people around her asking so many questions at her related to Miss Universe Malaysia.
Why Cassandra could be the winner?
  • While Miss Malaysia Universe fans hotly debating and guessing who would win, Cassie secretly had put a comment on her facebook, "would you still supporting me in whetever my next assignment could be?". this statement had enough spreading jitters among Deborah's fan that she she could have been contacted by MUMO to accept the winner's role!.
There are so many theories out there but the ultimate result could see Malaysia either exploded b an atomic bomb or a raging fans would marching their way to Istana Negara for Agong's  intervention...hahaha.
But 1 thing for sure, I malam ni macam x boleh tido je...huhuhu,neves u ol venes!!!!!!!!!!!

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