Sunday, March 6, 2011

Umbrella Girls INDOPRIX 2010 Seri I

Jakarta, 8 April 2010. Indoprix 2010 Series I which took place on the international circuit Sentul, Bogor may be over, Saturday, April 3, 2010 the last. For the photographer or the people who bring cameras certainly save a number of photographs.

This time I want to presents photographs of the umbrella girls Indoprix apparition at Sentul circuit, either when they're stepping into the path or when they again established itself over the drivers. Most of the umbrella girl is willing (Wellcome), and even love / happy to be photographed in the near future.

What is certain is only a makeshift photo shots, because I'm not a pro photographer. But the important here is, how to get a national-class race events are rare, let alone be able to get the object image the umbrella girls are nice views, nice and pretty wrapped with tight clothes, too. More information, please see for yourself how the picture is, and angle images of the target image.

Some photos of umbrella girls presented on this page, probably has never appeared or loaded through a few titles of articles, among others, Titi Kamal Celebrity: Umbrella Girl Kawasaki, Indoprix 2010 Collecting Value Drivers Standings, Indoprix 2010 Series I: Not Too Bad! and Action Blogger Covering Indoprix Series I 2010. Let us just look at her picture!

By the way, for those who want copas (copy-paste) photos, please ask permission first, especially if you want to do a re-posting on his website owned by neighbors.

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