Sunday, March 6, 2011

Achilles Drifting Battle 2010 Seri II: About Umbrella Girls

Jakarta, May 3, 2010. Not bring the camera, must have some say regret, especially now his era of digital technology at least there are a lot of convenience in terms of shooting. That is the impression gained when watching live racing drift "ACHILLES Drift Battle 2010 2nd Series" which took place Saturday-Sunday 1 to 2 May 2010 in JIExpo PRJ Kemayoran 6A Gate, Jakarta.

Photographing the automotive world is very interesting, many objects can be photographed, whether it's racing cars, or his umbrella girls who were scattered everywhere. Moreover, company-owned arena Sarana Tbk PT Multistrada direction as a manufacturer of branded tires Achilles (automobile) and the Corsa (the motor) provides interesting treats about the Umbrella Girls.

As spelled out in previous articles, that the event Achilles Drift Battle Second Series is much to look better, more crowded, even more hot. The event is in managed by the EO PT Trendy Promo's former national racer Helmy Sungkar seen there in the vicinity of the mini circuit Kemayoran with cowboy hat.

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