Friday, March 4, 2011

JAKDRIFT Series 2010-3 Flooded with Umbrella Girls

October 6, 2010. Although heavy rains flushed the Jakarta on Sunday (3/10/10), it is here there is an interesting side, especially for those who come to watch the event Drifting GT Radial Jakdrift Series 3 at the JI Expo, Kemayoran Jakarta. Wow.. what's so interesting trajectory if rain all day?

The event belongs to PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk as the producer presenting the GT Radial drifting spectacle that took place in the rain, the race became more exciting (read previous article). More exciting because many participants twisted cars (spin), even off the track to hit the track barrier. With events like that make the audience happy because this show interesting. So what else is more exciting?

Even more exciting is the show again wet fantastic beautiful sexy girl "Umbrella Girl GT Radial." They look bold with a short tight dress jeans, wrapped with tight clothes and high-heeled boots. Their performance certainly could give a little "heat" when the weather again down rain.
There are also the appearance of the beautiful girl who "super hot" that is "Miss GT Radial" that special event of photography. Both categories of women should be separate, but later they were mingled so difficult to distinguish between a UG or Miss GT Radial.

Wow .. events really make a scene Jakdrift 3 Series, if Jakarta is often flooded, so this time Kemayoran flooded with umbrella girls are beautiful and sexy too. Although they initially use an umbrella, but eventually they were overwhelmed as well as water can not stand the rain, so the girls are willing to play sexy UG rainwater. Then what happens?

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