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JAKDRIFT 2010 Hot Show Miss GT Radial

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October 6, 2010. What is interesting in the event that makes automotive? Of course, aside from the racing event, the presence of the women are also interesting. This happens on the arena Drifting GT Radial Jakdrift 3 Series in JIExpo, Kemayoran Jakarta., Sunday (3/10/10). Despite the rain, do not be surprised the show still running smoothly. What is it you?

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PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk as a manufacturer of tires GT Radial co-operate with an event organizer has served as the material drifting spectacle of the main event, but it was a national tire company is also aware of the tastes of today's photographers, which provides photography competition with a myriad of beautiful women photo objects nan section with the headline, Miss GT Radial Jakdrift 2010 which was followed by '70s photographer.

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The rain did not menyurukan photographer photographing action photo model, that when it consist of the Umbrella Girls, and Miss GT Radial. Anyway, the model photos are also excited when asked to pair sensual style. "The rain we can akali with a telephoto lens, an important object of the model still hit the target," said a photographer who again motret of the tent.

According to the committee, Miss GT Radial girl who becomes the object image is provided as many as 15 people. All of them have a fantastic body, as well as height and face like a model. When photographed, the models simply wrapped with a pair of hot pants, and white shirt, and her abdomen open. The photography contest participants asked to submit two photographs just the best fit with the theme that are contested.

Although the location of the event still pouring rain, but the "heat" is very pronounced for a number of the photographers who seem to arise lust shooting. Somebody wanted to get closer and closer. It seems already hard to distinguish between race or motret longer participate for personal collection, an important beat and the snap until satisfied.

Well, in any part of this is to be an interesting spectacle to see the spirit of the photographer had to fight hard to take the best picture angle with unfavorable weather.

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