Friday, March 4, 2011

Geneva 2011: Ladies Motor Show

March 4, 2011. Starting on 3 d 13 March 2011, at the Geneva auto show again there are the 81 called "The 81st of the Geneva International Motor Show, " a special showcase the latest cars, concept cars, classic cars, from a variety of brands and countries. As a world-class automotive event, it's no wonder this show got the attention of the world automotive industry.

There are many brands and models of cars that participated in this exhibition, mostly from European manufacturers, America, to Asia. Call it, among other Aventador Lamborghini LP700-4, Ferrari's All-Wheel Drive Models, the FF, Hyundai i40, Volkswagen's Golf Cabriolet, BMW Vision CD roadster, capture Renault, Toyota FT-86 II, and many more. Before we discuss about the details and models of cars on display, let's us see first the mendampingin some car models.

The young women of European origin is seemingly sweet, beautiful, elegant accompany new cars. They are part of an automobile fashion dekal car must be in accordance with their duty to be a model for ten-day exhibition of 'The 81st Geneva International Motor Show "

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