Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All ready for the final of Miss Universe 2011 .

BAND television network, which sponsored the event in the city of Sao Paulo, he announced during his presentation of the event program fees

On August 26th is the day that 85 beauties from all over the world arrive in Sao Paulo for the edition 60 of the Miss Universe contest, held for the first time ever in Brazil.

It is a private initiative, including the Miss Universe Organization headed by Donald Trump and Rede Bandeirantes, under the command of Johnny Saad. The initiative was taken after Trump offered to his fellow investors in Brazil, the possibility of the beauty contest the South American country.

After a failed attempt to host the event in the city of Rio de Janeiro in November last year, Trump reiterated achieving successful negotiations, the headquarters of the contest in December.

It should be noted that no government entity, state or national level, is involved in the organization. Production costs are fully covered by Rede Band and its wide range of sponsors that promise to make a memorable event.

After a careful study of appropriate places for the transmission, it was decided by the Credicard Hall, a concert hall with capacity for 4.500 people comfortably seated. Facilities such as Parque Anhembi, Via Funchal and the Golden Hall, were out of space for those dates. Alternatively, the gym Geraldo José de Almeida in Ibirapuera, with capacity for 12,000 people, was passed over to be owned by the Ministry of Sports of Sao Paulo.

The preliminary competition is scheduled for September 7 and finals will be held on Monday 12 

September at 10 pm (9 pm U.S. Eastern Time).

Information such as packages, ticket sales and venue, will be given during the month of July.

Arrival of the candidates 26, August 27
Stockings Competition August 31
Preliminary Competition September 7
Grand Final September 12

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