Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Al Habshee Abdullah. Miss Malaya Universe 1962. Related Article Found.

I found this article today at the National Library-old newspaper microfilms department dated July 1, 1962. One could view this in clear form in microfilm form but when printed out, this is the best quality one can get.

This article is about the newly crowned Sarah Al Habshee Abdullah, Miss Malaysia Universe 1962. She was crowned in Hong Kong witnessed by several other beauty queens in Asian regions. She told the journalists who covered the event that she felt quite embarrassed parading in public in swimsuit but luckily there were Kebaya and evening gown round too.

Her statement on the above was to me was quite extreme for today's situation. There will be no chance for her to get US visa if all her intention is to stay in the US after Miss Universe had ended unless she uses proper channel to stay.

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