Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why I never Failed To Attend Miss Tourism International Pageant?

I never failed to attend this pageant since 2007. To say it's boring is not really right coz if u were there, the best part is 8-course chinese dinner set (the food is fantastic), the ballroom dancing is nice, not to mention you'll connect with so many important people as mostly the audience comprising many high ranking officials from big corporations in Malaysia and also from Malaysian royal families.

To have the chance to sit in at the same table with these people is surreal but surprisingly all of them are friendly. So whatelse?, exchanging namecards is a norm and I really proud to have friends from high social ranking!. :)>-
The pageant will usually finished at 11.40pm and soon after, everybody is free to mingle around taking pictures with the queen or just about anyone, models, actors, actresses or mayb just wanna say hi to Alex Liu. Connecting with beauty pageant movers is among the best part and at 12am sharp, it's time to shout happy new year!!!!!!!!!

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