Saturday, November 27, 2010

Painting Buddies

Painting buddies are a great way to help inspire and motivate you to paint when you're feeling blocked. My painting buddy, Sheri, came over to the studio today to get our creativity on. She's working off one of my Sedona photos. It was really fun having her there, and I actually got some painting done! Thank you, Sheri!

Another way to get past a creative block is to try something completely new. Here I'm trying some unfamiliar oil glazing techniques for the under-painting of this soon-to-be ocean scene. It's feeling very Wolf Kahn and I'd love to work within this color palette, but it's a commission so it needs to reflect the local color. This 12x24" is a preliminary study for the final 15x30".

Here I've applied some more glazing on top and it's mixing with the paint beneath and not really working as a glaze...I'm thinking I should let it dry before I do anymore. I'll revisit it tomorrow. I may not have the patience for this technique! We'll see...

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