Sunday, March 13, 2011

HB HUMMER Concept Car

HB HUMMER V6 Biodiesel Concept Car
This Hummer HB concept car looks better than most of the vehicles actually coming out of Hummer’s stables. The Hummer HB concept is the latest creation of Romanian designer Andrus Ciprian.

HB HUMMER V6 Biodiesel Concept Car
Hummer HB Concept Car is an extreme off-road vehicle with almost no front or rear overhangs, and massive wheels and tires for tackling almost any surface.
The concept is an attempt to shrink the footprint of the Hummer a little more than has already been done. Built as a green extreme off-roader (the car is intended to be powered by a V6 engine which will run on biodiesel), the HB features a body-on-frame format with aluminum and carbon fiber being used as the main materials for the construction. As with any Hummer, the wheels stand out thanks to their impressive size.

HB HUMMER V6 Biodiesel Concept Car
The power of the unit is handled by a six speed automatic transmission.
Similar to the current range of Hummer models, the HB looks like a tank on wheels thanks to an intimidating, muscular outer shell constructed from aluminium and carbon fibre materials.

HB HUMMER V6 Biodiesel Concept Car
For optimum safety and security levels, Ciprian has given the underside of his Hummer armoured panelling that protects the passengers and powertrain from any potential damage while off-road driving.

HB HUMMER V6 Biodiesel Concept Car
And there’s a second version of the HB that comes with an array of cameras placed around the exterior in order “relay video to screens around the driver”. It almost sounds like the HB would be better deployed in war zones than on the roads of your city …


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