Thursday, January 13, 2011

(Ratu Cantik Taiping) Miss Taiping 1962 Related Article.

Miss Taiping 1962 winner: Maimunah Mustafa, 19 years old from Kg. Pinang, a typist.
1st runner up                   : Zawiyah Abdullah, 21 years old.
2nd runners up                : Jenny Chan.
Grandfinal venue             : Panggung Lido Taiping.
Main Sponsor                 : Shaw Brothers.

  • She then represented her state with the other Perak district level winners and went on to win 2nd place in the national level Miss Malaya/International 1962 grandfinal behind Miss Penang Brenda Alvisse!
  • if ms Maimunah still survive today, she is 67 years old by now.
  • I like the chair this contest used for the crowning. It was soooooo office hair!...hahaha

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