Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miss Universe Guam 1982-The Shortest of All Miss Universe 1st Runner Up.

Miss Guam Universe 82 and vice Miss Patty Chong, with only 1.62 m tall, became "the most petite MU vice of all time." She managed to reach the top 12, with the fifth highest score of the preliminaries, while the highest score was coma Miss S Africa Odette Scrooby (the most blatant case of theft in hisotria the Miss Universe pageant ... that nothing justifies insane that took note not only the crown, as also the chance to be top 5 of the wonderful South African.

For many, the obscure as vice Miss Guam was absurd, even with a week of great apparitions of Guamanian, which has always been one of the "darlings" of the press by his intelligence and charisma. Of course we live, the beauty of Patty caused more impact, it was exotic and very sexy, and had a beautiful voice, captivating interviews with that earned him the prize of "MISS PRESS Award

Patty was actually born in Taiwan. On the final night, she was always a prominent placement, always staying in the top five in each race, getting an average of 8.638, while Karen Baldwin, the media got 82 MU 8.400.
The beautiful Odette turn, finished sixth, failing to get a measly .009 (the average it was 8.172) (perdeua vacancy for Miss USA-Terri Utley.

With Miss S Africa out by mistake unique to your computer that failed in the sum of the points in the parade in swimsuit, Miss Guam was the final and was eventually voted with one point less in indicating the jury: 7 out of 12 jurors indicated Miss Guam as MU, two jurors indicated as the deputy, and an indication to the third and fourth place to another.

Karen from Canada in turn, got five nominations for the first and the remaining seven nominations were to be vice .... and Patty came in second behind the Canadian. What a shock!-by Joao Ricardo.

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