Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Raj from Singapore wins The Biggest Loser Asia 2.

After months of hardcore training and an incredible 67 kg loss, the one who took home the title and USD100,000 may not have been the crowd favourite but that’s alright with him.
Photos courtesy of Arcis Communications

In the nail-biting finale, Raj from Singapore was announced as Asia’s Biggest Loser with an incredible 67 kg loss – going from a hefty 14 4 kg to an astounding 77 kg.
Putting up a close fight as the first runner-upNai from Thailand lost an equally amazing 63 kg and narrowly missed being crowned the champion by a mere 1 kg.
Genghis from The Philippines didn’t fail to bring on the funny, even in tense situations like this. The jokester was crowned the second runner-up with his 57 kg loss, quipping “That’s one supermodel!” as he stepped off the scales.
What does the new Biggest Loser Asia have to say about his win and the USD100,000 prize money?
“Finally all that effort in the gym and dieting has paid off. It’s not about the money or title, it’s about getting my life back.”
Ultimately, Raj the Master Game Player may not have been a crowd favourite but he credits his haters for his win, saying their harsh words gave him the motivation to keep on pushing.
Like he always says, he lives for this s—t.
Stay tuned for our interviews with Raj, winner of The Biggest Loser Asia 2Nai, first runner-up, and Genghis, second runner-up; along with incredible ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos of all 16 contestants.
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